Jane is a London escort who dos not mind my temper.

Jane is the only woman who could easily calm me down. I’m a man with a temper problem and it caused me a lot already. But since I had meet Jane she inspired me to become a new man. I fully believe that I can be a good and better man nowadays unlike in the past. I did not know how to behave at all especially at work but when I had meet Jane it all changed. I had known that I can be a better guy more than anything else. I just am shaping that she has enough love for me to never give up even with my bad attitude towards life sometimes. I know that she deserves better but I do not want to let her go. Jane is a London escort who is the best I had ever had. I know that she and I will be good to each other. I am very happy to see her all the time. I do think that she is the only woman who understood me as a person. Most of the people I know is afraid of my temper, but Jane I’d alone in escort who accept it and do not ignore it. She recognises my flaws and do not mind it at all.

There have been many situations where I have been angry with this London escort but she does not respond badly at all. She knows me as a person and do not pay it any negative thoughts. I understand that I have many flaws as a person and that is the reason I am not the ideal man for many of girls but this London escort seems to like me anyway. I have been very good to her because I am always trying to repay her kindness to me. She is the most important person in my life and I just want to be with her every time that I get. I do not mind it if people do not understand me sometimes. All I am interested in is what I have going on with this particular London escort. I thought that no one would ever accept me as a person and then she came along. She made me realise the beauty of the world. The more I am with her the more I realise that I have many mistakes in the past. But we are passing it now, what is important time is to be with this London escort for the rest of my life. That way I will be able to live a life that I always wanted. I believe that no one is more perfect for me than Jane is because she loves me.

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