Are rich people obsessed with sex?

When I joined London escorts, I did not really expect to end up dating a lot of rich people. I thought that most gentlemen I would meet would be kind of run of the mill and every day working guys. However, since I left the best elite affordable London escorts service where I began my career, I have started to date a lot of very rich guys. It is kind of interesting working as an escort in central London as you do meet a different type of gent than you do in North London.

I would say that most of the gentlemen I hook up with at the elite London escorts service I work for now, are a little bit sex obsessed. Yes, they are very well off and I guess that they kind of have the time time and money to spend on their obsessions. I date a couple of gentlemen who collect pornographic art, and they must spend a small fortune on their art. And on top of that, I think that they spend a lot of money on dating London escorts.

Not only do a lot of gents I date at London escorts like to indulge in pornographic art. They also like to go to sex parties in London. That is not cheap at all, and some of the best sex parties in London can set you back a lot of money. Some of the girls here at the London escorts service which I work for, tell me that their dates spend thousands of pounds every week just on hitting the right parties here in London. It seems like divine madness to me.

It is not only pornographic art and sex parties which seem to get my dates going. They are into a lot of hedonistic holidays and weekend breaks as well. Sure, I have been to a few hedonistic events with my friends from cheap London escorts, but nothing like the breaks that these people go on. You can say that they really let the champagne flow, and that is not the cheap champagne neither. We are talking serious vintage champagne, and all of the nice little nibbles that go with a champagne lifestyle.

If I had all of the money that many of the gentlemen I date at London escorts do, I think that I would spend it a little bit differently. Sure it can be fun to charter a private jet for the evening to join the Mile High Club, but how happy is that going to make you in the long run. I am not sure how some people who are very rich look at money. To me it seems that money does not mean so much to them. It is almost like money is a throwaway commodity to many of my London escorts dates. A self indulgent lifestyle may sound okay, but I am not sure if it really makes you that happy at the end of the day.

Perhaps their obsessions with sex comes from the fact that their lives are a little bit empty.…

Get it Right with Your Big Man

I am not like the other girls at London escorts. They are not into big man like me, but I love my big boys. Where I grew up in the East End of London, a lot of gents were indeed very big. Most of them worked on the docks, and by nature, they had to be strong and big. I suppose the idea of my dream man formed then, and since I came of age, I have always been dating big men. Well, they are certainly big when I compare them to the skinny guys I date at London escorts.

A few of the girls here at London escorts are really surprised that I like to date big men. Like I say to them, there is something special about big men. When you have sex with a big guy, it feels so damn good. It is like he can give you that little bit extra and I guess that is ultimately what has me going about big men. Sometimes sex positions with a big guy can be a little bit more challenging, but I love the way a big guy can kind of ram it into to you. If my girls at London escorts tried that, I am sure they would see exactly what I mean.

As I am not a very big girl, rather skinny actually, I like to sit on top as well. My boobs are pretty big, and London dockers tend to like big girls. The wonderful thing about them, is that they all have really great big hands. When you are riding a big man and he holds your boobs, it feels really good. Sure, it is nice to look at some of the very fit men I date at London escorts, but none of the gents I have met at London escorts, have got me going in the same sort of way.

I think it is important to be honest about your needs. If you want a skinny guy, that is fine, but I am not like that. When I look at the guys the girls from cheap escorts in London fuck in their personal lives, most of them are a little bit rounded shall we say. I am not sure that a lot of women like really skinny men. Sure, we like them to be fit, but a lot of big guys can certainly be very fit. I would say the bigger guys I bump into at London escorts, are often fitter than some of the more ordinary guys I meet. Let’s put it this way, a skinny guy would not make me turn my head at all.

If I ever get around to getting married, I cannot see myself marrying a skinny guy. No, I will have to marry the kind of guy who looks like he is going to last the night, and has a little bit more meat on his bones. The thing is that the guys I date, don’t have a problem with me working for cheap escorts in London. Many of them grew up with moms who had to do a little bit of everything to keep the wolf from the door. Things have changed now in the East End of London, but you still get a chance to hook up with some original London heavy and strong men, like I like to call them. Hopefully, that will never change.…

Sex Positions For Pregnant Women

Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean that she cannot enjoy an active sex life. In fact, in some cases those raging hormones make her want to have sex even more! There are certain positions that are safe for the baby and will allow the woman to enjoy sex even into her third trimester.

Assisted Missionary

This position is for women that like the missionary position but do not want their stomach to get in the way. The man must do all the work so the woman can lay back and enjoy this. Instead of lying flat on a bed a woman lays with the upper part of her body on the couch. The lower part of the body is one the floor. The man will get on his needs and thrust into the woman. This will allow them to enjoy sex without pain.

Leap Frog

This position is like doggy style only a woman will not have to worry about holding herself up. The pelvis will be tilted which will give this position a new feel. The woman lays down putting the weight on her arms. A pillow can be placed under the arms for extra support. Her backside is up in the air and the knees are bent. The man will then get behind her and the sex can begin.

Spooning sex

This position is great well into the third trimester. The woman lies on her side which will help take the pressure off her back. Her stomach will be out of the way as well which is important at this point. The man will lay behind her and enter her from the side. He is also on his side. This position is gentle yet pleasurable.

Reverse Cowgirls

The woman will be able to be on top and in control. Instead of facing the man her head is facing the same way as his feet. This will allow for great clitoral stimulation and will allow the woman to take control of the situation. This will also keep her belly out of the way and keep the baby safe.

These are some of the positions that a woman can engage in that will not put the baby at risk but will allow her to enjoy sex while pregnant. Believe it or not, you can even book a pregnant escort from Eve escorts. A woman can have an active sex life though all the trimesters of her pregnancy.

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